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WP GeoTargeted Ads – Best Banner Ads Plugin

WP GeoTargeted Ads – Best Banner Ads Plugin

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WP GeoTargeted Ads is a WordPress plugin that allows you to easily add geo-targeted animated banners and call-to-actions onto your WordPress blogs.

With this plugin, you can easily add banner images, Google Adsense ads, geo-location Amazon banner ads and call-to-action to your WordPress blogs, without any programming.

Geo-Location Banner Ads



As can seen from the above diagram, a visitor from the United States or United Kingdom, will see the banner indicated by the green arrow. Otherwise, another sets of banner ads will be displayed.

You can select multiple valid countries. Apart from that, you also have the option to omit geo-targeting for the banner by specifying “All Countries”.

But, you may say that I do not need geo-targeting as my offers are not from CPA networks. You can still use the plugin to display non-geotargeted ads as indicated above, and still have the flexibility of having geo-targeted ads when the needs arises.

If you are promoting Amazon products then this plugin is for you.  This plugin can provide Amazon affiliate links based on the visitor’s geo-location.


Animated Banner Ads & Call-To-Actions

But there’s more… There is a huge selection of animation actions to choose from – 43 in all. You can slide in the banner ads, popup, shake, roll in, flip the banners, wobble, shake like a jelly, fade in and many more.

The sidebar banner ads is an example of the jello, flip and wobble animations. Whereas the middle of content banners are slidein with an abrupt stop. Great?


ShortCodes For WP GeoTargeted Ads

By default, the banner ads will be automatically displayed. You can however, set the display for each banner set to “manual”, which turns of the automatic display.

You can then place the banner ad in any location you want within the blog posting, by copying and pasting the shortcodes.


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