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Venezuelan President Altered Despacito Song For Political Use And Got Slammed By Despacito Singers

Venezuelan President Altered Despacito Song For Political Use And Got Slammed By Despacito Singers

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“Despacito” the world’s most streamed song of all time was remixed by Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro for a controversial political campaign.

At a rally last Sunday, Maduro introduced a version of the song with new lyrics encouraging the audience to vote in the country’s upcoming election to form a “constitutional assembly,” which would be in charge of rewriting the country’s 18-year-old constitution. Read the original article

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This attempt by President Maduro to use the altered “Despacito” song with the catchy music to galvanize support from Venezuelan to vote for a re-write of the constitution, was immediately condemned by “Despacito” singers, Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee.

The president was seen clapping along to the remix, as his audience danced.

“Our call to the ‘Constituent Assembly’ only seeks to unite the country … Despacito!” go the new lyrics. Source:

The changes to the Venezuelan constitution will allow the National Assembly, an opposition-heavy body of lawmakers, to be dissolved.

There was an earlier attempt to dissolve the National Assembly in early April that resulted in 100 days of anti-government protests, clashes with government security forces, nearly 100 people killed and more than 1500 injured.

Venezuala Riots April 2017


An unofficial  referendum of more than 7 million Venezuelans has indicated that 98% are against the constitutional amendments.

Despacito singer, Luis Fonsi responded angrily on Instagram, slammed the unauthorized change and use of Despacito lyrics for political purposes.

Luis Fonsi slam Venezuelan Precident Maduro


Google Translate with some edits:

At no time have I been consulted, nor have I authorized the use or change of
the lyrics of Despacito for political purposes, much less in the middle of the deplorable
situation that a country that I loves so much as #Venuezula.

My music is for everyone that who would listen and enjoy it, not use it as propaganda that tries to manipulate the will of a people who are crying out for their freedom and a better future.

Daddy Yankee posted on  Instagram  a photo of Mr Maduro with a large red cross .


Source: Yankee

Google Translate:

What can you expect? Of a person who has stolen so many lives from young dreamers and a people that what they are looking for is a better future for their children.

That you illegally appropriated a song (Despacito), does not compare with the crime you commit and have committed in Venezuela.

It is a mockery, not only for my Venezuelan brothers, but for the whole world its dictatorial regime. Source: Yankee


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