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Tomatoes Guarded By Armed Guards In India

Tomatoes Guarded By Armed Guards In India

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Tomatoes is an important ingredient in Indian food. When heavy monsoon rains damaged crops and disrupted goods transportation, there was a shortage of tomatoes across the country since June.

As a result, prices of tomatoes has risen sharply.

Wholesalers were alarmed when thief looted about 300kg of tomatoes worth Rs 70,000 (~USD 1086) in Mumbai.

Armed guards protect tomatoes


After Mumbai’s tomato heist, Indore’s panicky vegetable wholesalers approached the authorities demanding security, especially when trucks carrying the valued vegetable were being unloaded. This was when the tomatoes were most vulnerable to looters.

“The (six-odd armed) guards have been deployed after that request” market inspector Ramesh Sawadiya said.

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