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The Amazing Human Tower Of Spain

The Amazing Human Tower Of Spain

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In the 26th Competition in Tarragona, in October, 2016, the Castellers de Villafranca team won the competition with the tallest human tower. The tower is a 10-level structure is a record, which was achieved only 3 times in the castells’ history (last 200 years).

This tradition dates back to the 18th century in the Catalonia region. This bi-annual Human Tower Competition has been declared a Cultural Heritage by Unesco. The tower builders are called Castellers from the Catalan word for castle, whereas the each individual team is known as a Colla.

Building the massive base for the tower. All the biggest and strongest guys are at the bottom, to provide the support for the tower.

At the base is the bulky pinya, the band of people who support the weight of the tower. Then climbers descend up the backs of the members of the base and onto their shoulders, locking arms, and stabilizing that stage.The next set of climbers repeat the action until the last stage is completed, but it is to watch as there can be three or four people crawling up the outside of the human tower at once. Really tall castells include a central tower inside the outer ring to provide support, and that pillar stays in place until the rest of the tower is dismantled.  Read More

Half way there.


Almost completed. An amazing view from the top.

One more level to go…

The final 10th level.

Images Source: Watch the full Red Bull video – the winning team (track 01:19:14).




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