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School Girl Found King Arthur’s Sword, ‘Excalibur’ In A Lake?

School Girl Found King Arthur’s Sword, ‘Excalibur’ In A Lake?

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A seven year old school girl, Matilda Jones was on a holiday with her family in Cornwall, England when she found something “legendary”.

She was wading waist-deep in the water in Dozmary Pool when she spotted a blade under the water. Uncannily, just moments ago her dad was telling her and her sister about the story of King Arthur.


The blade is about four foot long which is about the height of Matilda.

Credit: SWNS

Could this sword be the ‘Excalibur’ which belonged to King Arthur?

According to legend, King Arthur after being fatally wounded at the Battle of Camlann ordered his soldiers to return his sword to the Dozmary Pool.

After a few attempts, the legendary sword was received by the Lady of the Lake, whose arms mysteriously emerged from the water.

Legend has it that, King Arthur received the ‘Excalibur’ from the Lady of the Lake in Dozmary Pool,
after he rowed out to receive it. When he was dying from a fatal wound, he wanted the sword to be
returned to the Lady of the Lake.

However, Matilda’s father do not thinks that the sword is the ‘Excalibur’ and think that probably it is an old film prop.

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