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“Scam Likely” & Scam Block Keep Phone Scammers Away

“Scam Likely” & Scam Block Keep Phone Scammers Away

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If you are a T-Mobile postpaid subscriber, you may have received a call with the id “Scam Likely”. You may be wondering what this is as you have not added any contact with that name.

Scan ID

No worries as this is Scam ID, a free automatic service provided by T-Mobile for postpaid customers on phones that have caller id.



Whenever a known scammer calls you, this automatic scam protection feature will display “Scam Likely” when the call come in, thereby alerting you not to answer the suspicious call.

There is no app to install or activation required as the “Scam Likely” is automatically active for all T-Mobile postpaid subscribers.

There are 2 other service provided by T-Mobile are “Scam Block” and “Name ID”.

Scam Block



Scam Block will automatically block all calls from scammer from reaching your phone. This service is also free and the program will work stealthy to block scammer call without you knowing about it … scammers zapped!

This feature is not automatic. To turn on Scam Block please dial #ONB#  or  #662#.

Name ID

Are you getting many calls from telemarketing agencies trying to sell you products that you have no interest in? Well, you can opt for the paid service, Name ID available at $4 per month, which offer additional features such as identifying caller’s name and location and block any number, even if it’s on in your address or contact book.

T-mobile and their partners provide you the ability to reverse phone search of over 600 million phone numbers of people and businesses.

With Name ID, you can know what type of organization is calling you whether they are telemarketing firms, political organizations or survey collectors. No more disturbing calls from telemarketing salesperson and more …



Smart blocking allows you to decide which calls to answer or block any combination of spammer and scammers.

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