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OMG! A Bunch Of Grapes Sold For A Record US$10,900

OMG! A Bunch Of Grapes Sold For A Record US$10,900

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How much would you pay for  bunch of 30 red grapes at your supermarket?

About $2- $5 ? That’s definitely way below what a happy buyer paid for in Japan.

Last year, a bunch of 30 red grapes were auctioned at a record price of US$10,900 in Kanazawa, Japan. These are not ordinary grapes, mind you, as they are the Ruby Roman grapes.

Ruby Roman grapes are grown and market only in Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan. The grapes are red in color and are about the size of a ping pong ball.

These grapes were first sold in 2008 and today, the Ruby Roman grapes are the most expensive grapes in the world.

Ruby Roman grapes are grown in the Ishikawa prefecture on the west coast of Japan and comes from a highly selective grape variety bred over 14 years to be sweeter and lower in acidity. A wonderfully ripe and succulent fruit.

A grape can only be classified as a “Roman Ruby” if it meets certain standards regarding its weight (at least 20 grams), sugar concentration (18%) and physical appearance (perfectly shaped with a cherry tomato- red hue). Nurturing the grapes to these very strict standards means the supply is limited and prices are up.

Google map with directions from Tokyo to Ishikawa Prefecture

The happy buyer is Takamaru Konishi, a supermarket owner, who paid ¥1.1 million when interviewed said:

I am so happy and I am honored. These are truly Ruby Roman gems.

Konishi was not going to eat all of them though.

Some lucky customers got to taste the grapes which cost about US$360 a piece, as the store owner offered customers  a sample taste, after displaying at his store.

Can you guess what is the winning bid for the 2017 Ruby Roman grapes auction which will be conducted soon (June – July 2017)?

Please comment and enter your bids below…

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