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Give Your Blogs’ Banner Ads A Boost

Give Your Blogs’ Banner Ads A Boost

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“Flash is dead”, “Adsense is dead”, “Banner Ads are dead” are some of the  often used cliche on the internet. Yes, Flash is indeed dead but Adsense and Banner ads are still very much alive and kicking.

Everywhere you go on the web, you still see lots of Adsense and banner ads on sites and blogs. Re-targeting is giving the banner ads a boost. The main objective of banner ads and Adsense is to get visitors to click on them, go to the intended sites and perform the intended actions.

With banner blindness, how can you catch the surfers attention and then get them to click on the banner ads? Apart from coming out with creative attention getting banners, you can boost your banner ads with animation.

The WP GeoTargeted Ads plug-in  is great for adding animated geo-targeted or non geo-targeted Ads and Call-To-Action to your WordPress blogs. You can select from 43 types of banner animation such as bounce, flash, pulse, rubberBand, shake, swing, tada, jello, bounceIn, fadeIn, rollIn, slideIn, SlideUp and
and many more ..

On top of that you can display different banner ads depending on the geo-location of the visitor. If your offer is for United States and United Kingdom only, you can easily specify which banner ad to display for visitors from the two countries. For other countries, another offer will be displayed.




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