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Brave Kid Drags Petrified Dad To Move Forward On Glass Skywalk

Brave Kid Drags Petrified Dad To Move Forward On Glass Skywalk

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Fear of height is a common type of anxiety experienced by most people. This type of phobia is called acrophobia. Crossing a bridge at a high altitude invokes different responses depending on the structure, height and location of the bridge.

However, walking on a bridge with glass bottom is a great endeavor for those with acrophobia. The fear that the glass will shatter and you plummeting hundreds of feet down is a scary thought.

Some people just froze and could not move their limbs in such situations. This is exactly what happens when a father brought his son for a walk along a glass bridge on a mountain cliff 300 feet high.

The father was so petrified that he sat on the side of the glass skywalk afraid to move further. In a video posted by Trending in China Facebook Page, his three year-old son was seen coaxing and dragging him to move along.

You can hear several people laughing in the background.

The glass-bottomed skywalk is attached to a mountain cliff in Wanshen National Park in China. It is 212 feet long and 330 feet high.



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