5 Delicious Pork Ribs Recipes You Must Try At Home

Prok Ribs House Of Cards

For those watching Netflix’s House of Cards, the viewers could only look and salivate, while Frank Underwood gnaws at the saucy, sticky and delicious pork ribs  at Freddy’s BBQ Rib Joint. As expected, Freddy’s Rib Joint is fictional and you

9 People Who Had A Very Bad Day

If you had a very bad day, watch these until the bad feeling is gone. 1. Road-side Washup Photo Source: thewannabesaint.com 2. Good Flip But Bad Landing Source: giphy.com 3. Too Hot To Handle Gif Source: giphy.com 4. A Push

OMG! A Bunch Of Grapes Sold For A Record US$10,900

How much would you pay for  bunch of 30 red grapes at your supermarket? About $2- $5 ? That’s definitely way below what a happy buyer paid for in Japan. Last year, a bunch of 30 red grapes were auctioned

Amazing kid knows what the beat is!

Amazing kid intensely waiting for the right moment to fire away…. Maddie was listening to the Uptown Funk music and grooving to the music. Moving her body and head in sync with the beat. Waiting, waiting and waiting for the

Blocking drones from no-fly zones – Anti-Drone Detection System

Drones are getting very popular for commercial and recreation purposes. This has resulted in an increase in near-misses with aircraft  and infringements into no-fly zones. Apart from that, these drones can be a serious security threat when misused by certain

The Amazing Human Tower Of Spain

In the 26th #Human Tower Competition in Tarragona, #Spain in October, 2016, the Castellers de Villafranca team won the competition with the tallest human tower. The tower is a 10-level structure is a record, which was achieved only 3 times

Possible Earth-Like Planet With Alien Life Spotted

A planet, K2-3d which is 150 light-years way from Earth is back in the news when astronomers  from Japan conducted the first ground-based transit observation of the so called super-Earth, which may shed light on the existence of alien life.

WP GeoTargeted Ads – Best Banner Ads Plugin

WP GeoTargeted Ads is a WordPress plugin that allows you to easily add geo-targeted animated banners and call-to-actions onto your WordPress blogs. With this plugin, you can easily add banner images, Google Adsense ads, geo-location Amazon banner ads and call-to-action

Give Your Blogs’ Banner Ads A Boost

“Flash is dead”, “Adsense is dead”, “Banner Ads are dead” are some of the  often used cliche on the internet. Yes, Flash is indeed dead but Adsense and Banner ads are still very much alive and kicking. Everywhere you go

10 Best Food To Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease

Do you know that your brain requires nutrients that are needed for its nutrition? A healthy brain is essential for our body to function properly, as well, to make smart decisions. In line with that, diet plays a major role